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Lindile receiving her EduVerify Certificate which includes One-Click Verification

Meet Lindile Khumalo, a young South African with incredible potential, unfortunately like many, she lived in poverty her entire life. She always dreamed of getting a better job and escaping the cycle of poverty, but with limited skills and no access to education, her dreams seemed unattainable.

That all changed when she stumbled upon EduCourse Online Learning. Despite her doubts and fears, she took the chance and enrolled in the Microsoft Word course. To her surprise, she found the course to be easy to follow and understand. With each lesson, her confidence grew and her skills improved.

After completing the course, Lindile was proud to showcase her certificate and new skills to potential employers. However, she faced numerous rejections due to a lack of verifiable certification.

She decided to choose EduVerify upgraded certificate features, including her unique ID number, QR code, and link verification code, she was finally able to prove her skills and secure a job as a Bank Teller.

She’s been employed since for over 3 years

Breaking Through Barriers

Meet Joyce, a single mother who struggled to find a job that would allow her to provide for her family. Despite her best efforts, her lack of skills and certificates held her back from reaching her potential. But with EduCourse Online Learning, Joyce was able to upskill herself in a computer course and Microsoft Word. The instant marking system allowed her to quickly progress through the course and receive her certificate in a timely manner.

Thanks to the online verification tracking tool, Joyce was able to include her South African 13 Digit ID Number on her certificate, which was easily and quickly verified online using the QR Code. This added an extra layer of credibility to her newly acquired skills and helped her stand out in the job market.

Thanks to EduVerify, Joyce was able to secure a job as a virtual assistant and provide a better life for her family.

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