Brandon Lee Pillay



South Africa


50 Canary Street

Kharwarstan Chatsworth




Name            : Brandon Lee

Surname : Pillay

Date of Birth : 20 February 1990

Identity Number : 9002205234088

Home Language : English

Fluent Language : English

Nationality : South African

Marital Status : Single

Dependents : None

Driver’s License : Code 8

Health : Excellent

Cell Number : 0621511499

Email Address :


















Highest Standard Passed : Matric (Exemption)

Year Passed : 2007

School Attended : Witterklip Secondary School

Subjects : English, Afrikaans, Biology,

Business Economics, Geography, Hotel keeping and catering





Qualification : Ground Training with Cabin Crew

Year of Completion : 2009

Institution : Sky Aviation Academy

Subjects Passed : Air Transportation

Airline Customer Service

Airport Customer Service

Airport Operations

Cabin Crew : Sept Training

Wet Ditching

Dangerous Goods

Aviation Medicine

Licensed Cabin Crew


Qualified Facilitator, Assessor awaiting Moderator – (Sor)










Employer : Comair

Duration : February 2010 to June 2012

Position : Customer Service Agent

Duties and Responsibilities:


Dealing with passenger enquires about flight departures and arrivals.

Identifying if correct passenger is matched to ticket issued.

Checking passengers and allocating of seat numbers.

Checking Ticket is correct to Destination

Providing boarding passes and luggage labels

Ensuring baggage is packed according to Airline and CAA Regulations.

Checking ticket is paid for in full.

Weighing baggage and collecting any excess weight charges.

Taking care of special needs passengers and unaccompanied children.

Calming and reassuring nervous passengers

Ramp Supervisor 3IC – To manage and control the Boarding and Disembarkation of passengers once the aircraft is docked at the gate.

Managing a total 15 to25 staff at the boarding gates.

Checking correct passengers are boarding the correct flights.

Answering any questions from the Flight Crew


Employer : British Airways

Duration : June 2012 to June 2014

Position : Cabin Crew


Duties and Responsibilities

Greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane

Showing passengers to their seats and providing special attention to certain passengers, such as elderly and disabled and unaccompanied children.

Serving meals and refreshments

Checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment and information of passengers

Demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures

Administering first aid

Dealing with emergencies

Selling duty free commercial goods and pursuing sales targets

Producing written flight reports after completing a journey.

Being able to deal with all different passengers in a diplomatically way

Excellent communication skills

Able to make decisions quick and fast

Addressing and dealing with passenger conflict

Employer : City Transformation Community Centre

Duration : October 2014 to December 2014

Position : Administrator


Duties and Responsibilities

General administrative duties


Taking minutes for meetings

Performing cash payments to volunteers

Ensuring all equipment is functional



Employer : Medscheme Pty (Ltd)

Duration : 01 February 2016 to June 2017

Position : Call Centre Agent

Duties and Responsibilities:

Work in an inbound call centre for Health Care Professionals
I work in a multi-skilled environment, providing and assisting Providers with account queries and reconciliation and email queries from time to time as business requires we assist with member-related calls and deal with member internet education calls.
The Hcp centre allows me to be exposed to all schemes across all options administered by Medscheme.
Currently, I am multi-skilled to do both call centre and Administrative Support queries.
I ensure that the information being provided is to the standards of Medscheme rules and Regulations.
I ensure that all queries and assigned to the correct department and feedback given to the provider.
I can attach faxes and reverse and reprocess claims.
My experience as a call centre includes:
– All specialist related queries

– Internet-related queries

-Medicine queries

-Gp Queries

-Dental Queries

– Having a workable knowledge with all network-related to practice, Pmb queries, and process, and optical related queries.







Employer : Home from Home Luxury Apartments

Duration : 07 March 2019 -23 September 2019

Position : Airbnb Consultant/ Portfolio Manager/

Reservations Agent


Duties and Responsibilities:

Dealing with guest complaints

Dealing with all incoming inquiries regarding accommodation availability, rates, etc, as well as taking, processing, and confirming these reservations

Dealing with all written correspondence or communications with to the above

Furnishing all relevant Guest with the necessary confirmation letters and Pro-forma invoices

Collecting all travel agent vouchers and ensuring that the information on the voucher corresponds with that on the system

Maintaining Guest History records

Processes advance deposits on reservations

Prepare expected arrival and departure list for Front of House

Assisting Guest with Ad Hoc duties

Running End of Day

Filling the Cash Ups

Training new Staff

Managing Online Travel Agents

Monitoring Provisional & Confirm Bookings

Daily invoicing



















Employer : Raising the Bar Training Academy

Duration : 23 March 2020 to Current

Position : Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator


Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinate internal assessment activities with students, in line with the internal Assessment Policies and procedures.
Report on assessment progress regularly, for all allocated learners.
Ensure valid assessor registration status with the relevant Education, Training and Quality Assurer, for all allocated programmes.
Design training curriculum
Organize in-house and offsite activities, like presentations and role-playing exercises
Order instructional material (e.g manuals)
Discuss career-pathing opportunities with managers
Enrich courses with visual aids to engage trainees
Measure outcomes from trainings
Research and recommend learning equipment (e.g. platforms and projectors)
Ensure new hires undertake mandatory trainings on health and safety practices
Highlighting needs pertaining to capacity development.
Perceiving which requirements are amenable to facilitation.
Selecting test materials.
Encouraging respect for ideas voiced during facilitation.
Administering and reviewing progress on assessments.
Tracking and conveying attendees engagement to applicable figureheads                              Ensure self-development and continued research in the field of subject-matter practice.
Report on and recommend required improvements for quality within the facilitation and assessment scope of the institution.
Improve the content of training material when the need is identified.
Design and plan the group process, and select the tools that best help the group progress towards that outcome.
Guide and control the group process to ensure there is effective participation.
Achieve a mutual understanding.
Considered and include in the ideas, solutions or decisions that emerge.
Participants take shared responsibility for the outcome.
Ensure that outcomes, actions and questions are properly recorded and actioned, and appropriately dealt with afterwards.
Interview staff and managers to assess training needs












Employer : British Airways

Contact Person : Miss Antionette Masinga

Cell phone : 0833763222

Email :


Employer : City Transformation Community centre

Contact Person : Mark Pillay

Cell phone : 084 702 7250


Employer : Medscheme

Contact Person : Pragashni

Contact Number : 031 3366961/082534756


Employer : Raising the Bar Training Academy

Contact Person : Phidile

Contact Number : 084 756 7612






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